Yrsa was first published in Knitters Magazine K72, Fall 2003 under the name Cul-de-sac. It has been immensely sought after, and I am still getting requests for it.

The magazine has been long out of print and the pattern unavailable.

So, finally, I have re-knitted it in my wonderful Silky Wool. It is a design that is close to my heart, the shape, the placement of the pattern elements, the vent in the back and the points on the fronts all come together to create a harmonious whole. And Silky Wool is a better choice than the DK I originally used, but it was before my yarn line had commenced. So here is Yrsa, photographed by Anders Rydell; timeless, ageless, feminine and flattering as well as fun to knit.

The pattern is available from my Ravelry store http://www.ravelry.com/stores/elsebeth-lavold-designs

Far right, the version published in Knitter’s Magazine, Photo by Alexis Xenakis.




Here is a Viking Knits Sweater for the Viking Guy. In this case, with my good-looking Godson #1, Joar, as a model. The photoshoot took place at a local “hembygdsgård”, a kind of outdoor museum with old houses and farming paraphernalia. We had a cold but lovely afternoon together.

The Yarn is my lovely Misty Wool, 75% Wool, 25% Hemp, a comfortable blend, adding interest to the stockinette sections of the design. The sweater has a cabled yoke that accentuates the shoulders and, as an unusual feature, the cabling is echoed on the bottom of the sleeve.

The lower part of the body is plain stockinette, and since it is knitted from the yoke down, you can easily adjust the length to suit your Viking Guy. And if you prefer working this part in the round to avoid those pesky purls, that is easily done.

Photo as always, Anders Rydell.

Happy Knitting!

A note on yarn substitutions and updates for some of my Viking Patterns

My Viking Project has been active for a long time and yarns have come and gone on an ever changing market. Viking Patterns for Knitting was recently re-published in a soft cover version. Most of the yarns have been discontinued but here is some help regarding yarn substitution.

Note that when you substitute the yarn the suggested needle size may no longer apply. Be sure to check that the gauge is correct or your garment will end up with different measurements.

The difference in yarn consumption is an estimate, be sure to buy enough yarn to complete the project. If in doubt, confer with your local yarn store.

Errata can be found here: http://www.ingenkonst.se/vpn_err.htm


Original yarn 100% wool, 50 g = 125 m, Silky Wool, 50 g = 175 m, 45% wool/35% silk/20% nylon.dsc9145_fjalar_julia_srgb72

I just wanted to show that Fjalar looks just as gorgeous knitted in Silky Wool. The drop shoulders and wide sleeves create a very modern silhouette.

Here the original yarn has a shorter length per weight so you’ll need about 30% less yarn.


Original yarn wool/silk blend, 50 g = 200 m, Silky Wool, 50 g = 175 m. A dear friend has knitted this in Silky Wool with a lovely result. Note that you will have to change the needle size to match the gauge as Silky Wool is thicker than the original yarn. You’ll need about 20% more yarn.


Original yarn 100% wool, 50 g = 100 m. I have no current suggestion for substitution.


Original yarn 100 g = 100 m. The original Lopi yarn is still widely available and really the only suitable yarn.


Original yarn 100% wool, 50 g = 75 m. Calm Wool, 50 g = 75 m, 40% wool / 30% alpaca/ 30% camel. I would knit this again in my Calm Wool. It has the same length so the yarn consumption is the same. It has a similar hand so the cables will turn out equally fat and delicious but the Calm Wool is softer. It has been discontinued but may still be available.


Original yarn recycled wool mix, 50 g = 69 m. Silky Wool held double would actually produce a fabric with much the same feel as the original. It would have 88 m = 50 g which means that the yarn consumption would be approx. 20 % less.


Original yarn 100% wool, 50 g = 135 m. I have no current suggestion for substitution.


Original yarn 100% alpaca, 100 g = 150 m. I have no current suggestion for substitution.

Kysmik child’s sweater

Original yarn wool/silk blend, 50 g = 175 m. Silky Wool, 50 g = 175 m. Silky Wool is an exact match.

Kysmik man’s vest Original yarn 100% wool, 50 g = 100 m. I have no current suggestion for substitution.


Original yarn 100% wool Tweed, 50 g = 75 m. Silky Wool XL, 50 g = 85 m. My Silky Wool XL would be a lovely alternative. This would also work well in both my Tweedy Wool, 50 g = 125 m which would create a much lighter garment and use almost 30% less yarn and in Misty Wool, 50 g = 105 m with a yarn consumption reduced by 20%.


Original yarn wool/silk blend, 50 g = 200 m, Silky Wool, 50 g = 175 m. As for Freja, change needle size and check gauge. You’ll need about 20% more yarn.


Original yarn 100 g = 100 m. I have no current suggestion for substitution. Se my notes on the updated version in Misty Wool in an earlier post.

You can find the current yarns in my yarn line here: