Misty Wool not just for winter

When I started designing in my lovely Misty Wool yarn I wasn’t aware of its full potential. I figured that it was just another woolen yarn, suitable for winter cardigans and sweaters. It is not! Now that we have become better acquainted I have found it to a truly trans-seasonal yarn suitable for all times except maybe heat waves. Probably in part because of the hemp content but also because of its construction – it is a kind of loose tube yarn. Either way I love it and here are two trans-seasonal designs, now available at my Ravelry store.



A relaxed comfortable sweater, perfect for almost any everyday occasion. The interesting asymmetrical cable pattern creates a nice contrast to the simple structured rib pattern on the sleeves and collar. Welts at the top of the sleeves and around the neckline add sophistication and the Misty Wool yarn supplies character.

The cable pattern is charted and the rib pattern has written instructions.


Is a cardigan and as comfortable and easy to wear as you could ever wish. The combination of yarn, color and pattern, makes it elegant enough to don instead of a jacket. And the symmetrical pattern offers the opportunity to display some lovely buttons.

The cable pattern on garter adds textural interest (as if the Misty Wool yarn wasn’t interesting enough by itself) and I chose to purl the garter stitch background in order to be able to work the pattern on the right side where I can see what’s going on and to rest on the purl-only wrong side rows. The pattern is charted only.

I like the idea of a knitted pocket. We all need to be able to bring our phones along and small odds and ends, even when we don’t bring a handbag. It turned out that a lot of designers are showing bags on belts and added pickets, so my idea was timely. It is a quirky addition and it could be worn either under or over the cardigan. I recommend that you line the pocket to make it sturdier.

Here is a photo of me wearing the prototype. I had to make some adjustments in order to grade the cardigan, which to my mind made it better, but the prototype is still nice enough for me to keep and I have been wearing it over a shirt all winter.

Photo as always by Anders Rydell.