The best-laid plans of mice and men


Wasn’t there something about mice and men and the best-laid plans? Well, that has been at work this spring so my summer designs have been severely delayed. But at last they are ready for publishing and I will be presenting them, one at a time, over the next week or so.

First out is Grainne, one of my personal summer favorites, knit in LinSilk, a soft and drapey yarn, ideal for cool summer nights.

The basic design is derived from the bodice of the Rye Cardigan in book 25, Garden Delight. For Grainne I turned it into a sweater, echoing the motifs on a three-quarter length sleeve. The motifs are my own design, using a combination of cable and lace technique, i.e. yarnovers and decreases, which does provide a bit of challenge.

I love the golden orange color – bright but not glaring. And it works so well with my favored moss and lime greens, or as shown here, with off-white.

I have a short upper body and look best in short sweaters. If you prefer a longer version you can easily add length at the bottom of the sweater before the first motif. The stockinette “stalks” in combination with the character of the yarn, makes the sweater cling to your body curves without being tight.

You can find it here

Photo, as always, by Anders Rydell.