Yrsa was first published in Knitters Magazine K72, Fall 2003 under the name Cul-de-sac. It has been immensely sought after, and I am still getting requests for it.

The magazine has been long out of print and the pattern unavailable.

So, finally, I have re-knitted it in my wonderful Silky Wool. It is a design that is close to my heart, the shape, the placement of the pattern elements, the vent in the back and the points on the fronts all come together to create a harmonious whole. And Silky Wool is a better choice than the DK I originally used, but it was before my yarn line had commenced. So here is Yrsa, photographed by Anders Rydell; timeless, ageless, feminine and flattering as well as fun to knit.

The pattern is available from my Ravelry store http://www.ravelry.com/stores/elsebeth-lavold-designs

Far right, the version published in Knitter’s Magazine, Photo by Alexis Xenakis.