Alyssa is worked with two strands of my lovely Silky Wool. This creates a quite dense fabric which makes it more of a jacket than a cardigan.

I was intrigued by the pattern made with traveling stitches on a garter stitch background, but a bit wary since it demands some attention on the wrong side too, but with the limited amount of patterning it was quite fun to knit.

The jacket has a number of unusual features; for example the garter band is knitted on and framed by garter ridges in the opposite direction. I have used a few buttons placed in a slightly whimsical way but of course you can easily have buttons all along the front, and as many as you deem suitable.

Cables are knitted separately and sewn on horizontally.

All this combines to create a bit of challenge even for an experienced knitter, but the finished result is a a unique garment that will give you years of joy.

Happy Knitting