Olivia & Ernie

Two new patterns for kids are now available for download on Ravelry.

They were photographed in late August on a small local beach. We had planned an outing to take a family photograph of the girls and their parents. The older one had been photographed before, for a different project, so we asked, could we bring a couple of sweaters and use Julia, and possibly her sister, if they felt like it. We never want to force children, the whole photo experience has to be a good one.

Well, at first Julia didn’t want to, and anyway the cardigan was too big for her (the cardigan is knitted for a size 6 years, she is a small 4-year-old), so we decided to just play around some. Then all of a sudden, there’s Maja, the little sister, in the hoodie. So Anders grabs his camera and starts shooting as we play. Then Julia pulls on the cardie – she wants to be in on the fun too. So that way we did get a bunch of lovely photos.

Although the photos aren’t perfect; the hair is in disarray, the t-shirts are showing etc., the girls are so pretty and full of life and it was just such a perfect day that we decided to use the photos anyway. And there’s a bonus in the fact that the photos show off the garments in a real life situation.


Is a versatile cardie with a pretty pattern balanced by plain stockinette sleeves (the sleeves have the same rolled edgings as the body).


Just a plain hoodie, suitable for both girls and boys. The eagle motif on the kangaroo pocket is inspired by Native American imagery and the contrast color is used again in the rolled edgings.

The name is actually a Swedish (bad) pun. The Swedish word for eagle is Örn, pronounced as the first part of Ernie. I just couldn’t help myself.

I gave the girls the sweaters as a thanks for helping us and they love them. I hope your whatever-year-olds will love theirs too.

Photo as always Anders Rydell.