Jarnsaxa is one of my favorite designs. It is one that works well in my life and on my body. I have also made a version in red, with a garter stitch crew neck so I can wear a turtleneck sweater underneath. I have worn my first red Jarnsaxa to shreds, so I had to make another. Here is my latest version shown on lovely Johanna.


I did initially make a longer version as well, which can be seen here, photographed on pretty Sabrina. For those of you who would like to lengthen it, all I’ve done is work a longer stretch before the first motif, everything else is following the instructions.


Both versions, as well as the original, are worked in my Silky Wool yarn.

The pattern for Jarnsaxa can be found on p.139 in Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments, where you can also find almost 100 new cable panels and motifs and a number of other designs as well as drawings and photographs of historic and pre-historic artefacts decorated with the same interlace patterns.

Photo as always, Anders Rydell