Update on Keane

My beret and wrist warmers, Keane, have been available on Ravelry for a while.

Here I want to share another way of using the instructions.

The stitch pattern I have used is simple and decorative, making this a perfect gift. Even without the cable motif it is pretty. Here are the wrist warmers without the cable motif and I have turned the brim section of the beret into a neck warmer, again without the cable motif.

If you like your neck warmer tight you might want to cast on 4 or 8 sts less than given in the instructions.


Neck warmer: Cast on and work as for the brim part of the beret. Now increase 1 st in every garter rib and continue knitting back an forth in pattern but now with 3 garter sts instead of 2. Bind off when work measures 8 in /20 cm.

Happy Knitting!

Photo as always by Anders Rydell.