Three new designs in Silky Wool

I’ve just added three new designs for download in my Ravelry store

Lately I’ve been fascinated by the simplicity and complexity of knit and purl patterns.

Here are two designs for women that work very well together but are also nice in their own right, plus a man’s sweater design, exploring the same theme.


Massey Sizes S–L (XL–3X)

When it was decided that there would be no new colors in Silky Wool XL, I was disenchanted. I had really gotten to like that yarn. For me, it was not the kind of yarn you fall head over heels in love with, but rather one that grew on me over time and as I got to know it well.

I’ve never really been fond of working with yarn laid double but needs must find a way – without Silky Wool XL, what to do? So, I tried working with 2 strands of Silky Wool. And I was actually pleased.

Massey is the result of that pleasure. A yarn with less loft would not have worked.

I’m immensely intrigued by the effect of setting vertical ribs against horizontal ridges of Stockinette and Reverse Stockinette. Yes good folks, it is only knit and purl. It is also interesting how the pattern looks different when viewed horizontally and vertically as can be seen on the back view.

Here’s fun knitting and the result is pure drama.



Jane Sizes XS (S) M1 (M2) (L) XL

Jane is the result of a personal wardrobe need. I had bought a fabulous new pair of pants and needed something to go with them. Something plain, but not boring; let me introduce Jane.

Two very easy knit and purl patterns cooperate in this design; Faux Ribbing for the sleeves and collar and Dotted Lines for the body. And I think they work well together.

Not all knitted garments have to be dramatic, sometimes all you need is a well balanced plain Jane.


Declan Sizes S (M) L (XL)

Over the years I have learned that guys dont like dramatic sweater (with my DH as the proverbial exception). Soft yarns for their sensitive skin and masculine colors (and here my brother belies the norm) is what most men prefer. But even a subtle pattern can be interesting; here I’ve broken up the Faux Ribbing and placed it in vertical column that are then broken up into blocks – all floating on a Stockinette background. Nice Zen knitting leading to a sweater that just might become one of his favorites.

As always, photos by Anders Rydell.