A cool way to splice Misty Wool

Misty Wool is a tube yarn (as far as I can judge it is a 2-stitch tube), so this way of splicing works for most tube yarns. The yarn will be double thickness for the 3 – 5 stitches concerned but for most yarns that will not really be visible. To be on the safe side you should try to place the splices at less visible points in the knitting.


Top pic: Insert the new yarn into the middle of the old yarn (perfection is not necessary, just try to hit the center of the tube most of the time). Go for 3–5 cm, that is 1–2 inches or thereabouts.

Middle pic: pull the yarn through.

Bottom pic: Pull at both ends until the new yarn is hidden inside the old yarn. This is important or you will pull out the new yarn when you knit.

Knit on. No need for weaving in ends, Yeah!