Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments; reviews

I’m so happy that knitters out there appreciate my work. It gives me great pleasure to see that there are people who knit my designs, those who use the patterns to create their own designs and that even people who are not going to knit Viking Patterns can enjoy the historical aspects of my work.

Thank you Jasmin and Gigi at Knitmore Girls for a great review. I’m honored and delighted by your in depth analysis of my designs.

The Knitmore Girls Podcast: Not the Math Episode – Episode 388
You’ll find the review at 30:45 (but the whole podcast is thoroughly enjoyable).

I’ve also a couple of other reviews (apart from all the reviews at booksellers):

Knitty had a review in their Deep Fall 14 issue:

And a lovely review by the Knitting Scholar, thank you for that:

Review: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments