A cool way to splice Misty Wool

Misty Wool is a tube yarn (as far as I can judge it is a 2-stitch tube), so this way of splicing works for most tube yarns. The yarn will be double thickness for the 3 – 5 stitches concerned but for most yarns that will not really be visible. To be on the safe side you should try to place the splices at less visible points in the knitting.


Top pic: Insert the new yarn into the middle of the old yarn (perfection is not necessary, just try to hit the center of the tube most of the time). Go for 3–5 cm, that is 1–2 inches or thereabouts.

Middle pic: pull the yarn through.

Bottom pic: Pull at both ends until the new yarn is hidden inside the old yarn. This is important or you will pull out the new yarn when you knit.

Knit on. No need for weaving in ends, Yeah!


Viking Life / Vikingaliv

The Time Machine worked! This past weekend I was at a Fall Celebration in Årsunda, an event attended by almost 150 vikings.

Here is my beautiful sister Anne-Berit and myself outside her tent. My beloved Anders posing outside the Vi, the sacrificial area, in his new winter coat. I made it! Anne-Berit and her Anders waiting for the Thing to open. They are both seasoned Vikings.

The weekend was full of events; marketplace, a pig roasting, Viking games, people cooking over open flames, the Thing (Viking parliament), a feast in the Hall with the giving of gifts, celebrations and music, sacrificing at the Vi and a spectacular performance with fire in the dark starry night. We had a wonderful time.



Tidsmaskinen fungerade! Den gångna helgen var det höstfest i Årsunda och nästan 150 vikingar samlades för att fira.

Bilderna visar min vackra syster Anne-Berit och mig i samspråk utanför hennes tält, min älskade Anders poserande i sin nya vinterrock, som jag har sytt,och Anne-Berit och hennes Anders i väntan på att tinget ska öppnas, de har varit med förut.

Lördagen var fullspäckad av upplevelser: Marknad, grillad spädgris, vikingalekar, tingsförhandlingar, fest i hallen med gåvor och firande, offer i viet och en eldshow i den mörka stjärnklara natten.

Tack Fafner för ett härligt evenemang!

Photos/foto Anders Rydell, except the one of him which is taken by/ utom det av honom som togs av Anne-Berit Lavold

Misty Wool – A Love Story


As with Silky Wool, this was an immediate love story. As soon as I saw and touched the yarn, although it wasn’t one of “my” colors, I liked it. Then, swatching, feeling the yarn running through my fingers and on the needles effortlessly, I fell in love. And what’s not to love; It is soft but has character, it has drape but hold its shape well. It has a rustic yet elegant look. Just up my alley.

Also, as you can see on the swatch here, the yarn shows structural patterns really well, which is essential to my type of design. And still it is interesting enough for just stockinette.


So, I am very happy to introduce a new yarn in my yarn line:

Misty Wool, a lovely blend of wool and hemp. The yarn works for gauges between 20 and 17 sts per 4 inch / 10 cm, but I usually tend to prefer a fairly loose gauge and have opted for 18 sts per 4 inch / 10 cm. This also makes for fairly lightweight garments. The yarn seems not to be spun, but rather knitted or crocheted, I can’t really figure out which. And it doesn’t really matter; it is lovely.

I’ve selected 18 colors, mostly neutrals and autumn colors, the kind of colors I always love, with the Sky Blue as the only exception. Why the Sky Blue? I don’t know, it is not a color I would normally go for, but I just felt so strongly about it that I thought why not?


So, here it is, my lovely new yarn, available in the yarn stores or on the Internet. Find it by using the Knitting Fever’s Store Locator at their website http://knittingfever.com/store-locator.

I hope you’ll love it too.

Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments; reviews

I’m so happy that knitters out there appreciate my work. It gives me great pleasure to see that there are people who knit my designs, those who use the patterns to create their own designs and that even people who are not going to knit Viking Patterns can enjoy the historical aspects of my work.

Thank you Jasmin and Gigi at Knitmore Girls for a great review. I’m honored and delighted by your in depth analysis of my designs.

The Knitmore Girls Podcast: Not the Math Episode – Episode 388
You’ll find the review at 30:45 (but the whole podcast is thoroughly enjoyable).

I’ve also a couple of other reviews (apart from all the reviews at booksellers):

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Review: Viking Knits & Ancient Ornaments