A New Beginning


Writing anything but instructions has always been a challenge for me, so this is
a new beginning. I’m hoping to share my passion for knitting as well as thoughts
and experiences from other areas of my life.

In 1998 the Swedish version of Viking Patterns for Knitting was published and it
was translated into English in 2000. In this book I translated Viking Age
interlace patterns into knitted cable technique. The book inroduced a technical
innovation that made it possible to knit cables that changed direction in a
simple and systematic way. It also introduced approximately fifty new cable
patterns presented alongside artifacts decorated with the same patterns.


Now I’ve done it again. A little over a year ago the “sequel” arrived. This time
showcasing almost a hundred new cable patterns, of the same type, from all over
the world. Again, I present the patterns alongside artifacts displaying the same
patterns and with loads of cultural history. And now it has been published in
Swedish as well.

So, In case you haven’t discovered the books yet, I proudly present My Life’s